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Crowdfunding Securities

SCF (Securities Crowdfunding) is a method raising funds with a joint venture carried out by the perpetrator business to start or develop his business. Later, investors will buy it and earn proof of company ownership in the form of shares, bonds, or sukuk from the business.


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Financing Arrangement, Murabahah Financing, Musyarakah Financing, Equity

Short Term & Long Term Financing Arrangement

Holistic Financial Management

Providing a holistic approach to financial management that encompasses short-term financial stability and long-term wealth-building, all under one comprehensive plan.

Customized Financial Roadmap

Designing an individualized financial roadmap, seamlessly blending short-term and long-term strategies to ensure your financial success both today and in the future.

Balancing Immediate Needs with Future Goals

Achieving a delicate balance between addressing immediate financial needs and strategically planning for future goals through thoughtful financial arrangements.

Murabahah Financing / Trading

Sharia-Compliant Financing Solutions

Offering Murabahah financing and trading services that adhere to Islamic principles, ensuring ethical and interest-free financial arrangements.

Transparent Trading Practices

Providing clarity and transparency in trading while facilitating Murabahah financing, promoting trust and integrity in your financial transactions.

Tailored Financing and Trading

Adapting Murabahah financing and trading to your unique needs, whether for short-term financial needs or long-term investments.

Musyarakah Financing / Partnership / JV

Islamic Partnership Solutions

Offering Musyarakah financing and partnership services in accordance with Islamic finance principles, ensuring ethical and collaborative financial arrangements.

Collaborative Business Ventures

Facilitating transparent and equitable partnership arrangements, where Musyarakah financing empowers shared business ventures and fosters mutual success.

Customized Financing Partnerships

Tailoring Musyarakah financing and partnership structures to meet your unique financial needs, whether for immediate capital infusion or long-term collaborative business growth.


Equity Investment Opportunities

Exploring diverse equity investment avenues, offering potential for growth and financial returns in the dynamic world of stocks and assets.

Transparency in Equity Transactions

Creating a transparent and trustworthy equity trading environment, where shares are exchanged with integrity, ensuring a secure and equitable marketplace.

Customized Equity Strategies

Tailoring equity investment strategies to align with your specific financial goals, whether you're focused on short-term gains or long-term wealth accumulation.

Kitabullah wa Sunnatu Rasulillah

Nurtured by the divine wisdom encapsulated in the Quran and the noble traditions handed down by the Prophet, our approach flourishes as an unwavering testament to the profound and enduring principles of Islam.

Fatawa 'Ulama
AAOIFI, OKI, Lajnah Daimah & DSN-MUI

We adhere to the informed opinions and rulings of respected scholars and institutions, such as AAOIFI, OKI, Lajnah Daimah, and DSN-MUI, to ensure our financial practices align with Sharia requirements.

Khuruj Min Ikhtilaf
(Out of Dispute)

Our commitment to unity and harmony drives us to avoid disputes and disagreements, promoting a cohesive and cooperative financial environment.

Saddudz Dzari'ah
(Close the Door of Evil Deeds)

We emphasize the importance of closing the door to actions that are contrary to Islamic principles, ensuring ethical and virtuous financial dealings.

Maqashid Syar'iyyah
(The Main Purpose of Sharia)

Our financial approach is anchored in the fundamental purpose of Sharia law, which seeks to uphold justice, equity, and the well-being of society, as the core objectives of our financial activities.

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